BSK Medical SA is a young company with an innovative and irreverent nature, willing to make a difference in this sector betting on the commercialization and distribution of pharmaceutical products and premium medical devices in quality at the best prices in the market.

Its work team consists of professionals with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector to ensure a policy of rigor and excellence, but also professionals from other areas that bring us another vision and creativity in doing business. These multidisciplinary skills turn BSK Medical into a unique company in the market.

Its area of operation is both National and International, having affiliated companies in the following countries: Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Cape Verde.

Logistically, all the conditions are created to ensure a global distribution both Nationally and Internationally.

The main goal of the company is to satisfy the most demanding client, ensuring that high-quality innovative equipments reach our customers in the best market conditions.

We are an innovative Company in the markets where we operate, proactive in developing and implementing models for sustainable value creation for the Company, Business Partners and Customers.

We are a company operating in the market of commercialization and distribution of medical devices, each day bringing added value to our customers and suppliers through gains in efficiency, profitability and sustainability in the strategic partnerships we build.

● Integrity – in how we act
● Innovation – in the way we think
● Win-Win Policy – in how we negotiate
● Passion – in the way we work
● Trust – in how we relate

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